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Making it easy for all staff to log their status to attend work

Xerox Team Availability is a secure web portal, ready to roll out, and with no complex IT changes. The tool is composed of one simplified status update page and one reporting profile to show managers the information they need.


Online, multiple device responsive one-click status report.


Check staff availability across multiple locations, allow for better decisions.


Notify user when they have not updated their status.


Simple, secure, and automated staff onboarding process.


Portal can be customized: color, logo, languages, locations, departments.


Portal admin has access to full audit log on data actions and data changes.


Quick overview of the staff's statuses, filtering per location, status and department.


Simplified admin interface, with easy site setup, user management and auditing.

Keep track of your workforce availability

Anticipate Understaffing Issues

In the current context of uncertainty, managers need to anticipate as much as they can which resources are – or will be – available.​​ Our simple, easy-to-implement, secure portal enables staff to easily log their intentions to attend work and provides management with advanced dashboard and reporting capabilities.​​​